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Nebulon Paints: A Name that Brings Universe on Blank Canvas
The soul of Nebulon Paints lies in the deep space cosmos expressing the cycle of birth and death. The name 'Nebulon' itself depicts a beautiful display of lights that comes from gas and dust either from the dying star or when a new star is born. Indeed the end of anything always has a new beginning be it a star, life or canvas.

Just like these cosmic phenomena depicting flows of colourful lights, the products of Nebulon paints add colour to the world around us. We believe every stroke of brush leads to excellence. With our quality and excellence, we paint the canvas of people's dreams. The universe is a compilation of varied colours and every shade has a cosmic story. To capture the beauty of colourful events across the universe, the names of different products of Nebulon Paints are also inspired by the names of different celestial objects like Astro red oxide metal primer, Cosmic interior primer, Luna Emulsion and so on.

Nebulon Paints is beyond paints and tries to capture a small portion of the majesty of the cosmos. It’s a small gesture to express and celebrate the unseen beauty of the colourful universe beyond our world. Come, be a part of our journey and allow us to paint the world around you as per your desired imagination.

Nebulon Paints India Private Limited is an ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company located in Hyderabad & Bangalore as its head quarters in India.

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Interior Emulsions

Interior Emulsion Paints of Nebulon Paints are formulated with our core values. It ensures superior quality, unbeatable long-term durability and attractive finishings. It’s available in a comprehensive range of shades and colours in an affordable price range.

Exterior Emulsions

Nebulon Paints’ Exterior Emulsion paints are available in multiple varieties including Vega - Classic Exterior Emulsion, Prisma - Premium Exterior Emulsion, Majestic - Luxury Exterior Emulsion, Horizon - Multi (Interior/Exterior) Emulsion and Sky Guard - Weather Guard Acrylic Exterior Emulsion. All these varieties continue to gain a large part of the highly competitive Indian market.

Water Based Primers - Interior & Exterior

We at, Nebulon Paints introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of water based primer paints for your interior and exterior walls. Primers can be used as base coat for all types of exterior & interior emulsions. It has been formulated primarily to compliment the performance of all type of emulsions.

Enamels & Oil Based Primers

Nebulon Paints have a wide range of Enamels and Oil Based Primers for Wood, Metal, Floor and Wall Surfaces.


Orbit is a synthetic premium high glossy enamel for wood, wall and metal surfaces.

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Nova is a premium PU enamel for rich and high glossy look for wall, wood and metal surfaces.

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Lyra is a wood primer for a beautiful flawless look for your wooden furniture.

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Astro is a red oxide primer for metal surfaces. It gives your surfaces rust free and fresh look.

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Stellar is a zinc yellow chromate primer for metal surfaces. It has a rust free formula that makes your metal surfaces glitter.

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Gravity is a floor coat red primer mainly used for floor surfaces, parking tiles, basements for unmatchable looks.

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Other Products

Nebulon Paints have a wide variety products ranging from wall putty, bonding agents, thinner, distempers, roof cool paints, ceiling paints, adhesives, texture paints and special paints.

Quality Control

Quality is what allows us to gain distinction and climb the ladder of success step by step. We believe in following strict guidelines of quality control...

Quality Benefits

Our top priority is quality and to attain excellence in each of our manufactured products, we have created a strong quality policy...