Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Control

Quality is what allows us to gain distinction and climb the ladder of success step by step. We believe in following strict guidelines of quality control. Our quality control department ensures that all manufactured products maintain a consistent quality that conforms to our standards that have been painstakingly laid down for each of our products. The input that we get from our quality control department allows us to improve and optimise the products and corresponding production resources.

Quality Policy

Our top priority is quality and to attain excellence in each of our manufactured products, we have created a strong quality policy. We ensure that our policy is corresponding to customer satisfaction. Along with quality products, our services like on-time delivery, and reasonable price policy are our backbone. It allows us to remain responsive to the changing requirements and expectations of our customers. Nebulon Paints is fully committed towards customer satisfaction and thus all our guidelines are framed according to that.

We at Nebulon Paints are committed to provide full satisfaction to our customers with respect to Quality, Reliability and Delivery and attain Quality Leadership for all products that are offered by us.

We shall achieve this goal by:
  • By establishing international standards quality management system
  • Get the best every time
  • Continuous upgrading technology
  • Proper planned employee training and development programmes
  • Creating a healthy and cultured working environment
  • Establishing a Quality Management System conforming to International Standards

Benefits of Quality Paint

Quality paint is beneficial over any other paint because you get the best value for money. For their superior performance quality paint is durable and everlasting. Listed below are a few more benefits of quality Paints:

Better Coverage
Due to the fact that the high-quality paints are thicker in texture so they offer better coverage

Superior Durability and Protection
In comparison to cheaper alternatives, high-quality paints are more durable. They are tougher and stay intact for longer.

Lasting colour
While applying colour, we all want it to last longer. High-quality paints always last for longer.

Easier to Apply, Smoother Appearance
No doubt high-quality paints render a smoother appearance as they are easy to apply. Moreover, they have the latest water-based acrylic polymer technology so it becomes even more easy to handle while applying.

Easier to Clean
One of the biggest benefits of high-quality paints is that it is easier to clean after application. Also, you have to give a minimum number of touch-ups and hence there will be less stain and it will be easier to clean.