Twilight - Premium Exterior Primer

Twilight is a premium exterior primer which is a water based acrylic wall coating for exterior surfaces for rich look. Twilight is developed and formulated in line with Nebulon Paints’s core values providing – superior quality, unbeatable long-term value, highly attractive finish.

Twilight is an Exterior Premium Primer that is formulated with special grades of binders and additives due to which harmful effects on the environment have been reduced to a great extent. Although none of Nebulon Paints contain solvents, formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals you can remain assured that the least harm is caused to the environment while you are using it.

The excellent alkali resistance, fast drying capabilities and amazing coverage make Twilight one of the favourite primers. No doubt when Twilight is used on prepared concrete, block, brick and stucco, it increases the performance of paints manifold. Thus, this primer can be used on new as well as previously painted walls, ceilings and wooden surfaces to get the best results.

Concrete / Brick Work Walls. Twilight Exterior Primer has been manufactured for above grade masony surfaces where a high performance primer is needed.

Anti Carbonation, Ultra Smooth, Good Opacity, Strong Adhesion, Anti-Chalking and Brightness.

Technical Specification

Method of Application Brush, Roller, Spray
Dilution Water Ratio 400-500ml. Per Ltr
Drying Time Surface dry 60-90 minutes / Hard dry 24-48 Hrs.
Re-Coating Time At an interval of 2-4 hrs.
Anti Carbonation Yes
Good Opacity Yes
Strong Adhesion Yes
Coating System 2-3 Coats as required
Shade White
Finish Ultra Smooth
Packaging 20 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 4 Ltr & 1 Ltr (White)